Why Lebron has Made a Huge Mistake!!!

     Lebron James has made a huge mistake. He signed a 4-yr/153.3M contract with the Los Angles Lakers. What was Lebron thinking??

      In plain obvious I don’t know what he was thinking. The 76ers are a better team. They have a rookie of the year at PG and an all-star at center. The Lakers have… no one. Isaiah Thomas is injury prone and Brook Lopez is decent. Every single member of the starting five for the Warriors is better than the Lakers besides Kevin Durant being better than Lebron James. It is basically guaranteed NBA Finals on the 76ers.

     The thing is Lebron knows something we don’t. There is no way he goes to a Lakers team with this talent. Someone on the market may come there and they could be a scary team.

     For now, I don’t like this decision, but in the future it could be deadly.

     Picture courtesy of: The Shawdow League60F7CAEA-ADBE-42BF-8133-0B2CC6CA3A46.jpeg


2 thoughts on “Why Lebron has Made a Huge Mistake!!!

  1. 153 million is hardly a mistake but I do see why from a basketball concept why you think it was a better fit in Philly. We will see


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