Why I Think Kawhi Leornard Could be a Bust When he Comes Back

     Kawhi Leornard demanded a trade and he wants LA. But he hasn’t played in a whole season. He is on track to be a bust.

     There wasn’t an effort by Kawhi to play for the Spurs last season. Most likely he wanted out of San Antonio. It isn’t easy coming back from a injury. Just ask Derrick Rose about that Kawhi. I think he expects coming back to the game all fresh and ready to go. He isn’t under some magical power that will make him good again. He was a wimp last season and now he is expecting he can just leave his team. But the Spurs don’t have to trade. Someone tell me a player or players the Lakers can trade for Kawhi. No one. Not everything is going your way and it will affect your play.C863CB80-0F8D-4C30-BE7E-39214D152FCC.jpeg

     Picture courtesy of: Larry Brown Sports


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