What the Cavs Need to do to Get Lebron

Lebron has a couple of days to decide if he becomes a free agent or not, and the Cavs need a lot of work done and they need it done fast. So here is what the Cavs need to do to get Lebron James.

1. A Better PG

Lebron doesn’t have Kyrie Irving, he has George Hill. I’m sorry George but you aren’t a scorer. You can pass but you can’t shoot. You need to trade him and maybe a draft pick.

2. A Better Center

I have one problem with Tristian Thompson, and that is the ability to score. You need to make room for a center that can score and that isn’t Tristian Thompson. With lots of centers on the market this could really work out.

3. Trade Away Draft Picks

You won’t be able to trade player for player with the talent the Cavs have, you need to trade some draft picks for great talent. I know this might not be the greatest decision for the future, but I’m not talking about the future I’m talking about Lebron.03C74E7A-81F7-4CA3-8B74-E3467DC91E19.jpeg

Picture courtesy of: Daily Express

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