Are the Suns a Future Dynasty?

In NBA news, the Draft was last night and the Suns got Deandre Ayton and Mikal Bridges, both one of the stars of their college teams, went to the Suns. Now, can these few players turn this team into a dynasty?

Well I think they can become good, but not a dynasty. It is a lot about how young they are, but when they get older and more experienced they will become good, but not great. Going to a dynasty from being the worst team in the Western Conference with the record of 21-61 is very hard. Dynasty is a big word, and these players are good, but again not anything great. Honestly, I see more potential from Bridges than Ayton because of coaches and teams. The Suns should be happy with the draft but a lot of work is needed for this team.0D94070C-7BCE-4A78-A035-B95D7C58697C

Picture courtesy of: Wall Street Journal

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