Why the NBA Future is in Trouble

The NBA Draft is tonight and I don’t like a lot of these players. They can put up numbers, but the style of play sucks. Have you noticed the stars today are all veterans and have played for a good amount of time. Look at the Rising Stars Game. Only about 9 or 10 of those players I see potential in. There are 22!! Not even half. The NBA is in trouble.

The main reason why is the one and done rule. These players like Markelle Fultz aren’t mature. I get that he was hurt, but lets say he stays in college, I think it would be different. The Fab Five stayed in college two years and they were pretty good players in the NBA. Trae Young is the example of this year. Taking 30 foot shots doesn’t show maturity in any way. I’m not a hater of Trae Young or anyone, but who wants to see the Warriors keep winning.9705DCAD-2ABF-408A-9FE7-FBC59BC36A81

Please comment down below on what you think.

Picture courtesy of: the EXCELSIOR- A Brooklyn College Publication

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