Is the MLB Season Way Too Long?

The MLB Season is 162 games long. That is ridiculous. That runs over a time period of the beginning of April to the end of September and beginning of October. So, there should be 120 games going from the middle of May to the middle of September.

Most of the divisions are pretty close. But they aren’t halfway done. Last year, the only division that had a second place team within five games off first place was the AL East. The endings are mostly runaways, it isn’t fun to watch and we just want the playoffs but still 20 games have to be played. It is fun to see teams clinch the division but some teams do it with 15 games left. It is boring and isn’t needed, but just a couple teams need it. If the games are even bumped down to 140 games it would help too.3717EF0C-F6F6-4D25-8CBE-AE0C792915D5

Picture courtesy of: Keep Calm Studio

2 thoughts on “Is the MLB Season Way Too Long?

  1. It’s all about money. Baseball becomes very boring with such a a long season and only a few teams in play. Not sure what the answer is but playing baseball when it snowing just doesn’t make any sense.


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