Is the Next Superteam the Lakers?

As we heard a couple of days ago Kawhi Leornard has speculation around him about going to the Lakers. Also, so does Lebron and Paul George. Would we see  another superteam on our hands?

I don’t think there is much question about this being a superteam. It is three stars on one team. Just like the Warriors. But, there is a major problem with Kawhi Leornard. He won’t be the same scorer from his injury I think. He had no fight to play in San Antonio so it won’t be easy to comeback. But, he still puts up great defensive numbers. Then, I think we have no question about Paul George and Lebron James, so who needs to step up? The answer is Lonzo Ball. He is the passer on the team and can find these star in the back of his head. Then, with Kuzma grabbing rebounds this is a team to watch out for.0407E3D6-ACCA-4BC4-A358-826F54A5869B.jpeg

Picture courtesy of: YouTube

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