Can the Cavs Turn the NBA Finals around?

AFE4A339-3147-42EC-A4AA-586AE6052BBB.jpeg     The Cavs are down 2-0 in the NBA Finals and it isn’t looking good. The Warriors are just too good. But can the Cavs turn the Finals around?

First, I have to say I’m sorry I wasn’t posting. I was waiting for a video of me and my friend to come out and it hasn’t. It was the NBA Finals predictions and I will post it as soon as possible.

The Cavs should be renamed the Lebron team. When Lebron does good, the game is close, like Game 1. When Lebron doesn’t do good as he needs to, the game is terrible just like Game 2. The other players did step up in Game 2 but they had the ball more. In Game 1, they didn’t have the ball as much. They need to have a balance of Lebron and the rest of the team to win. More importantly the defense is so bad. When you have three guys that will score at least 20 on you every game, it will be hard to win. The Warriors have averaged 123 points in the Finals which is just bad defense.

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