The Same Old Story Four Years in a Row

The Cavs are already in the NBA Finals. The Warriors are hours away from joining them. I will be breaking down Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals between the Warriors and the Rockets. I also will break down why a Warriors vs. Cavs NBA Finals is bad for the NBA.

The Warriors are probably going to win this game because the Rockets can’t play defense. The Warriors had three starters score 87 points in game 6 when they won 115-86. The Warriors had three starters score more than the whole Rockets team. That brings me to my second point, defense. The Warriors play unbelievable defense and other than James Harden, this team shuts down everybody. Clint Capela can’t even get going against a defensive player of the year in Draymond Green, who is three inches shorter than Capela.

If the Warriors win tonight, for the fourth straight year in a row. This is bad for the NBA because no one wants to see the Warriors show how much better they are than the Cavs. Lebron is the best player on Earth and still he won’t beat the Warriors. The NBA wants to see the NBA Finals be a hard fought series when it will be a blowout left and right. Now, we need to wait another year to see if anything changes.CF9EDBA0-FB8D-41AF-B86A-5DA88C470892.jpeg

Picture courtesy of: For The Win- USA Today


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