What’s Wrong with the Dodgers?

The Los Angeles Dodgers are in 4th place in the NL West. They were the runner-ups last year in the World Series. What’s wrong? They are on a 6 game win-streak, but still something’s wrong. Here’s why…

The Dodgers are 14th in the league in team batting and 12th in the league. They are 26th in the league in fielding which is disgusting for a team that was a game away from the World Series title. They were 12th in the league last year in fielding, 2nd in the league for pitching and, 12th in the league in batting which has no change. The problem is pitching. Tony Cingrany has pitched 21 games this year and has a 6.61 ERA. ERA is earned run average, which I’m sure some of you know but not all. Alex Wood has the best qualifying ERA on the team and the ERA is 3.32. Qualifying ERA means he has pitched enough games to have a reasonable ERA. You could have a 0.00 ERA but pitch one game. So that’s what that means. A 3.32 ERA is average. That just shows how bad the pitching is. The best ERA on the team is average. The worst ERA for a Starting pitcher is Rich Hill who has pitched in 6 games and has a ERA 6.20. Something needs to change on that team because the hitting isn’t stepping up to a level of winning.

Picture courtesy of: KABC7CBE6B9B-4D9C-4323-B93D-28452135D5C2.jpeg


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