What the Celtics do to Win the Series

The Celtics were up 2-0 in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Cavs, and now are tied up at 2 in the series. But I will assure you, they aren’t done. Just read this and I’ll tell you what they need to do.

First they need to play some defense. The Celtics allowed the Cavs to average 88.5 points in the first two games, and now in the last two games they have allowed them to 113.5 points. The stats speak for themselves Tatum needs to stay and front of Lebron and when Lebron gets past Tatum Al Horford and Jaylen Brown need to help. Second, they need Kyrie Irving, who they don’t have so they need Rozier to step up his game and shoot the ball well. The backups I think get to caught up in the fame because he had a great first two series of the Playoffs and now is starting to do bad. Finally, going back to Terry Rozier, he needs to play some defense against George Hill. Hill averaged 4 points in the first two games and now he is averaging 13 in the last two. It may be a lot to start winning but something has to happen soon.85C1EF14-7EB7-44B4-93BD-367C93D9D43F

Picutre courtesy of: SB Nation

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