Are the Golden Knights the Story of the Year so Far?

There have been lots of great sports stories this year whether your int he Olympics, or the 76ers making the playoffs, and the Eagles winning the Super Bowl. But nothing tops the Golden Knights making the Stanley Cup Final.

The Golden Knights are the best story in sports for many reasons. They are a team that was thrown together and have made it to the Final. When your starting a team you are usually in a building stage. But the fact that they put a bunch of no names together and in not in a year got the chemistry to make it to the Stanley Cup Final is incredible. The Eagles were still good and had chemistry. The 76ers were pretty incredible but still they were together. The Olmypics were full of stories, but it isn’t a Olympics without great stories. Therefore, the Golden Knights are the greatest story so far this year.

Tell me if I missed any great stories!!6A4BAB57-E9DA-4574-8AA9-364805A9488D

Picture courtesy of: Sports Illustrated


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