Trae Young Thinks he is the Best Player in the Draft, Brooks Doesn’t

In NBA news, the NBA Draft Combine was this week and Trae Young thinks he is the best player in the draft. That is the most cocky thing I have ever heard from a college basketball player ever!! I am not exaggerating . Just read the rest of this and comment if you agree.

First of all, most of you know I don’t like Trae Young. I think he is overrated. One, he didn’t win the Wooden Award. Jalen Brunson did. We’ll compare him to Jalen Brunson. Trae Young has more points and assists. But Jalen Brunson has less turnovers, a higher three-point percentage, and has a higher field-goal percentage. Also, Jalen Brunson took the leadership role and led this team to a better record than Oklahoma. Finally, Jalen Brunson has more potential than Trae Young because he actually passes the ball and doesn’t take every shot on the team. I know Oklahoma doesn’t have the depth of Villanova, but Oklahoma’s depth would be better if Trae Young would pass and not hog the ball the team would be better.

Picture courtesy of: SB NationImage result for trae young the worst

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