What the Spurs do to Continue to Make the Playoffs

In NBA news, a couple of days ago the Spurs lost to the Warriors in the Western Conference First Round in five games. I’m wondering if this is the end for the Spurs. With such old talent and Kawhi Leonard getting hurt and may not be the same, this is trouble. Here is how the Spurs can continue to make the NBA Playoffs and may win the NBA Finals.Image result for spurs sad

First, you need the draft pick. Troy Brown is definitely a pretty big prospect, is a guard or forward and with Rudy Gay and Danny Green possibly leaving San Antonio and Kawhi Leonard coming off an injury this could be a great pick up. Second, get more young guys. Danny Green was brought up from the D-League and look what happened. At this point, with the age of the Spurs, this team needs younger guys. Some of the players are as old as Popovich!! Finally, you need the Popovich magic. I say congratulations for a great season. Getting to the NBA Playoffs as a seven seed with little talent is great. Just a little more magic and they will continue to succeed.

Picture courtesy of: San Antonio Express-News

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