Do the Browns Draft a QB and should the Patriots take a QB

In NFL news, the NFL Draft is tomorrow, and that gives us lots of questions to ask. A big question is who should the Browns draft. The Browns have won four games in the last 1,245 games. That equals to about a win every 311 days. Now, do they take a QB? No. Too many busts have came from the NFL Draft that are QB’s. Especially when your talking the Browns. I think you take Saquon Barkley because not only is he a great power runner and a fast runner, but he should be much better than Isaiah Crowell. Plus, you already have Tyrod Taylor and he will hold up for the year. Then, you have the 4th pick where you take a QB.Image result for Browns sad

Continuing on the NFL Draft, Tom Brady is getting old and the question rises if the Patriots take a QB. I think you take a QB second round as a surprise. Take your Corner-Back or Offensive-Tackle and then take a surprise QB with a good arm. You need a guy to back up Brady when Brady is at this age.Image result for tom brady

Picture courtesy of: American Inno and Sports Illustrated

2 thoughts on “Do the Browns Draft a QB and should the Patriots take a QB

  1. I agree but I wish he was going to a better team. What a talent and I hope it doesn’t go to waste. Also Brady needs a backup. He has been very lucky to avoid injury but getting old is no advantage in football. Love reading your blogs keep up the good work. See I in one week


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