The MLB Surprises and the Celtics Downfall

In MLB news, the season is well underway and there are surprising teams emerging from the field. Like, the Mets and the Pirates who are both leading their divisions. The teams that were predicted to do well aren’t doing as well. The Yankees just lost a four-game series at home against the Orioles and are third in the AL East behind the Red Sox and Blue Jays. Also, the Nationals, after a great start, have dropped to third in the division behind the Mets and the Braves. Also, the Dodgers are in big trouble dropping to fourth in the division and have a record of 3-6. Does this portray the season? I think this may portray that teams will be streaky and may have slumps. Giancarlo Stanton has had two platinum sombreros and Aaron Judge is no different. This team will have trouble getting into a groove. I think this team will continue to struggle and at the Red Sox’s pace, this team is in for a Wild Card. The hitting will keep them in the pace but if the hitting stays like this, the pitching isn’t good enough to get them in the playoffs. I think the Nationals will come back on and the Mets and the Braves will slow down. Also, the Nationals are still looking for a closer and a better pitch staff as their 3, 4, and 5 pitchers struggle to get them the wins. The Dodgers will speed up because they are too good to not make the playoffs. It is just a matter of time. The Pirates also will slow down as they have played teams like, the Tigers and Reds. They do have a good win against the Twins but they will end up in a bad spot to finish the season.Image result for mlb picks

In NBA news, the Celtics lost to the Hawks at home 112-106. This is very bad for the Celtics if they are a playoff team. The defense isn’t good enough. Terry Rozier plays bad defense against really anybody and if they play the Wizards. How is he going to cover John Wall? The last time the Hawks scored 110+ and won, was against the Suns on MARCH 4TH!!!!!!!!!! Half the Celtics players had less than 10 points. They need eight player with 10 points to win consistently or the defense dramatically changes. I’m a Celtics fan and I’m not having a lot of hope from them.Image result for celtics sad

Picture courtesy of: Cover the Spread 365 and Harwood and Hollywood

3 thoughts on “The MLB Surprises and the Celtics Downfall

  1. Look out for the young but talented Sixers in the playoffs-
    Could make it to the Eastern finals if Embiid comes back full strength!
    Would love to see Simmons and Lebron go head to head for a series!


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