NCAA Tournament Facts

These NCAA Tournament facts are from 2012-2017. I will put out the seed facts from those years so you can get some help on your bracket.

1 v. 16:

Record: 1 leads 24-0

Closest Game: Gonzaga v. Southern; 64-58; Gonzaga wins

2 v. 15: Record: 2 leads 20-4

2012 record: 2-2; Florida Golf Coast and North Dakota St.

3 v. 14:

Record: 3 leads 19-5

14 greatest win margin: West Virginia v. SFA; SFA won by 14

4 v. 13:

Record: 4 leads 21-3

Farthest a 13 has gone: Sweet 16 (happened twice)

5 v. 12:

Record: 13-11

Farthest a 12 seed has gone: Sweet 16

6 v. 11:

Record: 11 leads 13-11

Farthest a six has gone: Elite Eight (same as 11, but 11 has two appearances and six has one)

7 v. 10:

Record: 7 leads 16-8

7 Sweet Sixteen or higher: five of the six tournaments, a seven has made to the Sweet Sixteen or better. Three of the six tournaments, they have made it to the Final Four or better.

8 v. 9:

Record: 8 leads 16-8

Farthest 8 and 9: A eight and nine seed have made it to the Final Four, but the eight has gone to the National Championship when they made it to the Final Four.Image result for ncaa tournament

Picture courtesy of: The Rambler




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