Conference Championship Time!

In NCAA Basketball news, the ACC, Big 12, Pac-12, and Big East Championship are today. That isn’t every conference championship game today, but these are the big conferences, so I will be making predictions on who will win.

ACC: 6 North Carolina v. 1 Virginia

Virginia is a defensive powerhouse, with their opponents averaging 52.9 points per game. That is the best scoring defense in the NCAA. North Carolina can put up a lot of points, but let up a lot of points too. They are 208th in the league in points allowed. Virginia doesn’t have a great offense, but with the North Carolina defense I think Virginia’s offense can help them too. Also, when Virginia and North Carolina played earlier in the year, Virginia only let up 49 points, and won by 12.

Prediction: Virginia: 63 North Carolina: 57

Big 12: 3 West Virginia v. 1 Kansas

Kansas is a great offensive team, with better passing and scoring this should give Kansas a Big 12 Tournament. Also, Kansas has a better 3-point percentage and has two wins over West Virginia this year.

Prediction: Kansas: 75 West Virginia: 70

Pac-12: 2 USC v. 1 Arizona

Arizona is too much for USC, with DeAndre Ayton, who is strong inside and outside. USC just doesn’t have the talent to beat a tough Arizona team. Also, USC is on the bubble needing this win, so that really shows that this team is struggling to break through. The 14-point Arizona win will justify why they will win.

Arizona: 84 USC: 78

Big East: 5 Providence v. 2 Villanova

Providence just had a shocking win over Xavier, but that won’t matter. Villanova would beat Xavier and will beat Providence by more. The Villanova offense is No.1 in the nation in points per game and that will give them the win

Villanova: 89 Providence: 73

Image result for conference tournaments 2018

Picture courtesy of: The Bracket Yard




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