Why the Rockets are the Best Team in the NBA and Why Arizona St. Shouldn’t Get in to the NCAA Tournament

In NBA news, the Rockets extend their win-streak to 16. They only have one loss when fully healthy. Are they the team to beat in the NBA? Yes. Why? They have 13 losses overall, and a great point was made by Max Kellerman, because he said that,” How will you beat a team with one loss fully healthy four out of seven times.” Also, they have seven players that average 10 points or more, they have 12 players whose field-goal percentage is over 40%, in wins they average 116.4 points per game, they have 50 wins. Also, in those wins their field-goal percentage is 47.4 percent. I know I sound like a stat head but the guards aren’t the only great players. The forwards and centers can also control a game. This team is definitely the team to beat.Image result for houston rockets espn

In NCAA Basketball news, Arizona St. lost today to Colorado in the Pac-12 Tournament. Do they get into the NCAA Tournament? No, because they have losses two losses to, Oregon, Colorado, and Stanford. Yes, they do have wins over Xavier and Kansas but that was early in the season when they were better. Now, ever since Pac-12 play has started, they have all the eleven losses and no big wins. That is the big factor in why they shouldn’t get in.Image result for espn arizona state basketball

Picture courtesy of: ESPN

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