Michigan’s Wins the Big Ten Tournament, Will this Hold Up?

   In NCAA Basketball news, the Michigan Wolverines won the Big Ten Tournament, beating Purdue last night 75-66 to win the title. This team is on a nine game win-streak and in those nine wins, three of them are wins over AP Top 25 teams. Will this continue through the NCAA Tournament? The next game they have is in the NCAA Tournament, and I don’t think this will continue. Last year, the last 12 games of the season leading up to the NCAA Tournament, the Wolverines went 10-2. This year they went 11-1 in their last 12. Last year, they made it to the Sweet Sixteen, and lost. What I’m saying is you can’t just take a team who is super-hot and put them in the Final Four. I want to put them going far in my bracket, but every win-streak has to end. Just look at Duke last year, won four games in four days to win the ACC Tournament. Then, lost in the second round of the Tournament.Image result for Michigan wins big ten tournament 2018

Picture courtesy of: ABC News


2 thoughts on “Michigan’s Wins the Big Ten Tournament, Will this Hold Up?

  1. Being in South Fl. Baseball is big here but a long way from the start of the season. March madness is also big with several teams from Fl. in the mix. Still no comment from the NCAA on Mich. St. on their scandal SHAME SHAME SHAME Again go Nova


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