March Madness Time

In NCAA Basketball news, it’s March and the madness is going to start. I have been making conference tournament brackets a lot so I will talk about those. Most of the brackets are busted by now, but not in the Big Ten as I had Iowa and Rutgers winning. My Final Four for the Big Ten Tournament bracket is Michigan St vs. Nebraska and Penn St. vs. Purdue. Then, I have Purdue and Michigan St. in the final. The Purdue v. Penn St. game was hard to determine because Penn St. had only lost to Purdue by three on the road. Then, my dad told me Purdue had an injured player (who was quite good) and then I changed to having Purdue winning. So thanks to my dad I could have a perfect bracket. I have Penn St. beating Ohio St. because Penn St. has beat Ohio St. twice already.Image result for march madness

In more NCAA Basketball news, Gonzaga may move to the Mountain West Conference. At first I thought this would be bad but if you look at it, the Mountain West Conference has seven teams that have a winning record and the WCC has five. Also, if Gonzaga joined then they would join company of Nevada, who is also ranked. Also, the Mountain West has a more well-rounded division, as not many teams are terrible like the WCC has a lot of.

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