Weekend Update

Sorry for the missed blogs!!! I forgot my computer at school and in this blog I will be writing about the weekend.

In NCAA Basketball news, lots happened. Drexel was down 34 points in the first half and came back to win 85-83. They beat the Delaware Blue Hens and now have the name of the team with the greatest comeback in Division 1 history. There is bad news for NCAA Basketball. There were cases of paying the players found by the FBI. They found the Arizona coach, Sean Miller, paying DeAndre Ayton $100,000. The hate came down hard on Ayton in Oregon with $100,000 chants and where’s the money.

The Olympics ended last night with the closing ceremony. Here is the final medal count…

Norway: 39

Germany: 31

Canada: 29

USA: 23

Netherlands: 20

South Korea: 17

OAR (Russia): 17

In NBA news, the 76ers lost to the Wizards snapping their seven game win-streak. This isn’t that bad for this team because they are young and as of now, looking to make the playoffs because they are in seventh place in their conference.Image result for weekend update logo

Picture courtesy of: Odyssey

One thought on “Weekend Update

  1. The NCAA has a lot of problems so why not start at the top and clean the swamp. There action or lack thereof as far as Mich. St. is deplorable. Always remember you reap what you sew. Please keep the blogs coming because I really enjoy. By the way spring training just started and it is big in Fl. Some thoughts on the coming season


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