Miracle on Ice!

Today, will be a shorter blog but I will be writing about the USA women’s hockey team.

Last night, the USA women’s hockey team won 3-2 over Canada to the win gold medal. The USA won in a shootout 1-0 on the sixth shot. They were down 2-1 in regulation and scored to tie with about seven minutes left in the third period. Nothing really happened in overtime, but in the shootout the goalie play was great until the USA scored on the sixth shot. Then, a weak effort from Canada on the following shot gave the USA their first gold in 20 years, and the win happened on the same day that the original,” Miracle on Ice,” happened, when the USA beat the Russians in a huge upset. This should redeem the loss in the last Olympics against Canada when the USA lost in overtime, for the gold.

Picture courtesy of: Today.com


4 thoughts on “Miracle on Ice!

  1. I will never forget the miracle on ice. I was taking the St. Joes girls to Shamokin to cheer for a basketball game your mother happened to be one of those cheer leaders. The radio would because we were in the mountains would play for a while and then we would lose contact along with that there were 5 screaming girls yelling about nothing. As I look back it was just a great day watching young girls grow up, sometimes I wish those days were back. Your mom will love the story and I am glad we made the trip

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