Bubble Watch


Today, I will do a segment on what bubble teams get in and why. This won’t be all the bubble teams but most of them. Here they are:

Texas: I think Texas shouldn’t get in because of too many losses with 11. They have the players and have played Duke, Gonzaga, and Michigan pretty close but they just weren’t wins

Butler: They just had a bad loss to Georgetown, but they have a win at Villanova and have beat Creighton recently and will have to win a big final game against Creighton to seal the deal and get in. I think as of now, they are in.

TCU: This is a tough one because they don’t have any good wins besides Nevada and West Virginia. All the top teams in the Big 12 they haven’t really won, losing to Oklahoma twice, Kansas twice, West Virginia, and Texas Tech. Other than those games, they have a pretty easy schedule too. This team doesn’t deserve to get in.

NC State: I’ve already talked about this team and I think what I said last time should hold up because this team should definitely get in. They have wins over Duke, North Carolina, Arizona, and Clemson, all AP Top 25 teams right now.

Arkansas: With a loss at home to Kentucky, that snapped their four game win-streak, this team should slide out of the tournament.

Miami: This team is in the ACC with eight losses and wins over Florida St and Syracuse should get in.

Kansas St: This team has not played the top teams that tough besides Kansas and don’t have incredible wins over anybody so I don’t think this team should make the tournament.

Washington: They have wins over Arizona and Arizona St, then they went on a three game losing-streak, but now just won and have four pretty easy games to finish their season. They play teams such as, Oregon, Oregon St, California, and Stanford. They will need to win at least three of their last four to make the tournament, but as of now they’re out.

Baylor: They have 11 losses which is too many for the Big 12, so they shouldn’t get in.Image result for bubble

Picture courtesy of: Science News

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