Why the NBA All-Star Game is Useless and Oklahoma is really Overrated

Again, Brooks is attacking all-star games. Since, the NBA All-Star game was last night I will state my case on why the NBA All-Star game is stupid. I’m not attacking the dunk contest or the 3-point contest. Just the all-star game. Also, Oklahoma has dropped out of the rankings so I have some things about that.

The NBA All-Star game is a waste of my time. I watched two minutes of the game and then went on my phone. There are so many things that are wrong with the game such as, no defense, boring offense, plays that are tried to be good but fail,and Fergie can’t even sing the national anthem right. Also, the atmosphere is bad for some reason that can’t be explained. Or those people agree with me on how bad it is. The dunk contest has a way better atmosphere because people love seeing stars dunk.Image result for nba all star 2018 espn

Oklahoma is really overrated, and I really mean overrated. So is Trae Young, who influences this. They have lost five straight, they play a Top 10 team in Kansas on the road next, and they have 10 losses, losing eight of their last 10 games. In their last five games, Trae Young had eight assists twice. He needs to pass the ball. In a game he only had one assist and they lost by two. Just one more and they could have won. Also, in their last 10 games, in those two wins Trae Young had more than eight assists. If you play 40 minutes you have to pass the ball more in order to win. They are 56th in the country in assists. Their depth doesn’t help them but I just need to put out how overrated Trae Young is. A good player doesn’t give his team ten losses. Image result for trae young espn

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12 thoughts on “Why the NBA All-Star Game is Useless and Oklahoma is really Overrated

  1. I agree most all star games are nothing but money makers. I am having a problem with anything involving the NCAA until they address the Mich. State issue


  2. Brooks as I was watching the game i noticed that they were actually doing defense this time. I am saying this because you said you watched 2 minutes and got on your phone. This shows that you didn’t see what happen in this game. That is why I think the all star game isn’t useless


      1. You told me yesterday that it was a low scoring game. Which it is a low scoring game for the all star gamr


      2. I watched the whole entire game and if you actually watched most of the plays there was more defense then you might have thought. Especially from Joel embiid and Giannis. There definitely was more defense because 2 years ago the score was 196-173. That game clearly had no defense but the score really decreased in this game as more defense was played. This is just my opinion.


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