Who is the Most Accomplished Olympic Athlete?

4 thoughts on “Who is the Most Accomplished Olympic Athlete?

  1. I chose Mark Spitz. Reason being, simply, is because modern day athletes have more advanced equipment, facilities, diet and training, lightweight, resistant materials and great video examples from the past to study by. Old timers, stand up and take a bow for your remarkable achievements by your own strength, determination and grit (sans modern technologies).

    One thing I’d really like to know is any info regarding Paralympic Athletes – some of the heroes who are participating this year, their backstories, the history of this cause and who were the originators of this concept. When do these games start and please post some pics if you can. I follow the games when I can, but miss lots of the action.


  2. Jim Thorpe who won several metals in track and field which was taken from him for being paid while playing in a local baseball game. He also played pro football and baseball. Also a town in Pa. is named after him


  3. hard to argue with the most decorated medalist and a hometown hero! watch out for Ledecky though. she’s only 20 and amazing – still has a long way to go 😉


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