Today will be a debate day, where I answer sports questions that are up for debate. Today I will answer should we have a BCS, wherein college football teams play the regular season and the top two play one game for the title. Or the CFP, where teams play the regular season and the top four play to win it all.

I think we should have a CFP but have the teams expand to eight. The last two years Western Michigan and UCF were undefeated come bowl time and were not even in the top 10. One, they should have been higher. Two, they shouldn’t make the top four. Three, if there were a playoff that expands to eight, then Western Michigan and UCF should make it. Also, it gives a wider range of debate and really ends up to be a great conversation. Also, this would give better views because more colleges get in, so more colleges can tune in to watch.

The format would work by having the six biggest bowls be the quarter-finals and semi- finals and then the National Championship. The seeding would work by one playing eight, two playing seven, three playing six, and four playing five. The six bowls would be the, Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Orange Bowl, Peach Bowl, and the Fiesta Bowl.Image result for college football playoff

Picture courtesy of: Sporting News

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