The Cavs New Era is Really Good and Why Kentucky Could Miss the NCAA Basketball

In NBA news, the Cavs have a really good young team. They just beat the Celtics on the road 121-99. Last night, the four new players with Lebron scored 73 points combined. Three of those players came off the bench. They also played the team with the best record in the East. They are also young, which means if they lose Lebron they are fine and they should make the playoffs.Image result for cavs beat celtics

In NCAA Basketball news, Kentucky is on a three game losing-streak. This team is in piles of poop. They play in Auburn, who is the eighth ranked team in the nation, then a underrated Alabama, and for their final game they play in Florida, who is not missing the rankings by much. Those are three of their last five games. They already have eight losses. If they end up with 11 they should be on the bubble and may just miss the NCAA Tournament.Image result for Kentucky sad

Pictures courtesy of: Yahoo Sports and Sporting News

Also, thank you for all the comments and views, please keep it coming. Most people seem to like skating and does anybody understand curling? I’ve watched a video on how it works and still don’t know.

How Curling works:








3 thoughts on “The Cavs New Era is Really Good and Why Kentucky Could Miss the NCAA Basketball

  1. Thanks for your coverage of the Olympics! Curling seems to be a sport unfamiliar to most. If you learn any valuable nuggets of the sport, maybe you can enlighten us all. I know precision and ‘dusting’ is most important, backed by a really good strategy to oust the competition.

    PS. I really like the pics you added. Makes the post more connective. Great job!


  2. Agree with you on K. U. Seems to be an internal problem. Skiing just blows my mind, they are so good. Well baseball is just beginning in Fl. With spring training so you have a lot to cover. Your thoughts on the divisions?


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