Jimmy Garoppolo Wants San Fran and Tennessee No.1 in the Nation?

In NFL news, as most of you know Jimmy Garoppolo had a five year 137.5 million contract with the 49ers. He stated, “San Fran is the place for me.” The 49ers finished on a four-game win streak with Garoppolo really leading them to those wins. He was 5-1 in 2017 throwing for 1,560 yards, seven touchdowns, and five interceptions. Were the 49ers pushing too hard for him? It’s definitely a hard question but I would say yes and no. They had pretty major wins when he played beating the Rams, Titans, and Jaguars so he really did help them to win. Why I say no is he only played six games so we really don’t know his real talent.Image result for garoppolo

In NCAA Basketball news, there is news out there that Tennessee could be a number one seed for the NCAA Tournament. This is not very logical! They have losses to Missouri, Arkansas, and North Carolina. You may say North Carolina is good but when you’re at home you need to beat a team who loses to Wofford at home. Also, there only quality win is Purdue. Quality wins help you in the tournament and becoming a one seed.Image result for tennessee basketball

Pictures courtesy of: CBS Sports and SB Nation

Why Tennessee could be number one according to FiveThirtyEight: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/why-tennessee-the-men-could-easily-get-a-no-1-seed/



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