Rivalry Time!

In NCAA Basketball news, the time is here. The Duke Blue Devils play the North Carolina Tar Heels in the Dean Smith Center which is North Carolina’s home court of course. Duke is the ninth ranked team in the nation and North Carolina is the 21st ranked. Now, the winner in my prediction is really tough but I’m going with Duke in one of the greatest games of the season. The rankings don’t really matter in these games as both teams play their hardest to the finish.

I believe Duke will win 89-87 because…

North Carolina Duke
Points Allowed Per Game Rank 197th 178th
Points Scored Per Game Rank 30th 1st
Assists Per Game Rank 9th 5th
Defensive Rebounds Per Game Rank 6th Tied for 23rd
Offensive Rebounds Per Game Rank 11th 4th
Field- Goal Percentage Rank 98th 9th

The stats show it all. Duke leads every category besides defensive rebounds but they lead in offensive rebounds. That isn’t even the factor of the game. The real factor is the field-goal percentage where Duke takes over this game.Image result for duke unc

Pictures courtesy of: ESPN

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