Westbrook Shoves Fan as Wichita St Keeps on Sliding

In NBA news, the Thunder played the Nuggets last night and lost in OT. With no calls that cost the Thunder the game. But that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about when the fan ran on the court. Westbrook shoved him. The question is, is this necessary? Comment on this, but I think this is fine. I would push that guy too. He was making a stupid face and I don’t think that is necessary. So go ahead Westbrook and push him.

In NCAA basketball news, Wichita St is sliding, losing against Temple last night in OT. They did only lose 81-79, but that means nothing. Wichita St has to win that game. They have three killer losses to Temple, SMU, and Houston. No matter home or away those are games you have to win if you’re a 16 seed right now. I thought Wichita St did start out too high as they were in the Top 10 for awhile. But, they should be a 22 seed next week with that loss.

Fun Fact Friday: The average lifespan of a MLB baseball is five to seven pitches.

Throwback Thursday: Since we missed Throwback Thursday yesterday today we’ll do it. Yesterday in 1914, the New York Giants played an exhibition baseball game against the Chicago White Sox in Egypt.

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