Lebron Talking Warriors as Gronk will Play the Super Bowl

In NBA news, the news is actually pretty sad. Lebron is talking about going to the Warriors. If this happens I won’t watch the NBA. This would be terrible. I think the Warriors could have seven losses if he comes. He would also probably become the greatest of all-time. The good news is, this is very early to call this so don’t be sad yet, unless you’re a Warriors fan. Also, like my brother said, I really don’t think the Warriors have the money to pay him. Please Lebron, don’t go to the Warriors.

In NFL news, Rob Gronkowski will be playing this year’s Super Bowl. The question was up for if he would play, after suffering a hit to the head in the AFC Championship that took him out of the game. The news was spread that he would play when his name plate was out in press day for the Super Bowl. What does this mean? Well, it means a lot. He is a pivotal player for this team when it comes to being a receiver, running with the ball as a receiver, or a blocker. So I think he is the second biggest player for this team in this Super Bowl, being one of Brady’s No.1 targets. Who do you think is the biggest player for the Patriots?

One thought on “Lebron Talking Warriors as Gronk will Play the Super Bowl

  1. firm believer lebron will never go to the warriors. I agree, they will probably be the greatest team of all time but lebrons legacy will be tarnished. you saw how bad the media ripped apart KD for going to golden state. i think if he went he would actually take a step back on the list of all time greats. he’s married to the land i dont think he will be leaving there for a while.

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