Smith to the Redskins and When Will Brady Retire

In NFL news, the Chiefs trade their QB Alex Smith to the Redskins to save about 15 million dollars and pick up Kendall Fuller and a third-round draft pick. Alex Smith will replace Kirk Cousins who will most likely be the former QB in months to come. The question is, is this a good trade? Well, yes. In all ways as the Chiefs save money and make their defense better with Kendall Fuller and the Redskins pick up Alex Smith who is a pretty good QB, and was part of the reason why the Chiefs got into the playoffs. I believe, the Chiefs won’t make the playoffs because of teams like the rising Chargers and the Raiders who will be better next year. The Redskins will still miss the playoffs though, not because of the Eagles, but because Alex Smith isn’t elite. When you have a elite QB, he will come to your town and lead you to the playoffs.

With more NFL news, the president of the Patriots stated,” Brady can decide when to quit.” Well, when will Brady retire? If he wins on Sunday, he should retire then. That will make him the greatest QB of all-time, which he probably already is. Also, probably the greatest player ever too. If he doesn’t win, then you have to consider anything you could think of. Getting injured, doing bad, and even dying. I’m just saying there are many possibilities.


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