Griffin Goes to the Pistons as the MLB is Still Taking Small Steps to Change the Pace-of-Play

In NBA news, the Pistons trade Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, Boban Marjinovic, and a first-and second-round draft pick for Blake Griffin. Now, this is a very pivotal moment this year as, Blake Griffin is putting up 22.6 points, 7.9 rebounds, and 5.4 assists. Those are pretty great numbers if I do say so myself. Now, personally I think this trade will get the Pistons in the playoffs as a 7 seed. As of now the Pistons are in 9th place in their conference and 2.5 games back of  the 76ers. Losing Bradley hurts but I still believe they’ll make it in. Finally, I feel like this was setup by the Pistons. They had a very surprising start to the season which came out of left field making big news on how they were doing.

In the MLB news, they pace-of play is still trying to be fixed with baby steps. The MLB wants to add a runner on second base if a game goes to 11th inning. I don’t know why they are focusing on extra innings when a regular nine innings isn’t even good with pace-of-play. Do I like this rule? Yes and no. Do I like this rule in the playoffs? No. Games do end up running late. But, it is your decision to watch the extra innings. So, this rule is good and bad but seriously just add a pitch clock of 20 seconds and I bet the MLB will get more views.

Trivia Tuesday: How many days of the year is there not a NHL, NBA, MLB, or NFL game?

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