The AFC Wins Pro Bowl (yawn), Federer wins his 20th Grand Slam, and Virginia’s case for No.1

In NFL news, the Pro Bowl was today and well, same old same old, a boring game full of hitting a guy and a whistle blowing. Now the AFC did win 24-23 and now leads the series 23-22 over the NFC. The attendance was about 9,000 less than last year because I think this game is unneeded. There is no need for this game, and every time the AFC or NFC tries a trick play, it fails. I want to see a high scoring game. Last year the score was, 20-13. That is stupid. I know that there should be a All-Star game for every big 4 sport. But, c’mon, who wants to see the all-star’s not try their hardest.

In tennis, yes, Federer has done it again winning his 20th grand slam, most by a man, and now the question is, is he the greatest of all-time? I think yes. Comment down below on who you think is. He beat Marin Cilic in 5 sets, winning the firs,t 6-2, losing the second in a tiebreaker, winning the third, 6-3, losing the fourth, 6-3, and winning the 5th and final set 6-1. Also, adding on to what is not needed in sports, the Australian Open, and I’m not saying this just because American’s can’t watch it live but, the ratings are 4th, but that is because it’s in Australia and people don’t want to wait to watch it but media hits it’s 3rd and player preferences it’s last. I just think the place should be moved. (Stats used from Forbes)

In NCAA basketball, I believe Virginia off of a win against No.4 Duke on the road, they deserve No.1. Villanova, the No.1 seed in the nation, did win but only by 3 against Marquette on the road. So when Villanova gets another quality win they can move up No.1, but not this week.

Super Sunday: On Sunday, I say the MVP this week and I think it goes to either Caroline Wozniacki, the Women’s Australian Open for the first time or Roger Federer, who won the Australian Open on the men’s side,and that was his 20th as I mentioned earlier. I think Wozniacki is the MVP but I want to see what you guys think.


2 thoughts on “The AFC Wins Pro Bowl (yawn), Federer wins his 20th Grand Slam, and Virginia’s case for No.1

  1. I agree with the pro bowl comment. A waste of time. The tennis major should remain where it is down under. You are right C. W. Is the MVP. Your thoughts on the Super Bowl? I am perdicting an upset Eagles by 10


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