Brewers are Making Moves as Penn St Wins at the Buzzer

In MLB news, the Brewers are making their moves as they just got Lorenzo Cain and Christian Yelich. That poses the question of,” Can the Brewers win the NL Central?” Now this was first brought to me by my friend, Alex.

He texted me,” Brewers all the way.”

I replied,” Ur hilarious.”

Then, he told me they got Yelich and Cain. I still don’t think they can win it all. Also, he did say their pitching was beast, which is true. They did miss the playoffs last year though, but they just missed. They stayed in the conversation. They ended up 6 games back of the cubs for the NL Central title, and ended up just ONE game back of the Rockies for the second wild card spot. I think the Brewers will win the NL Central but not the World Series due to teams like, the Dodgers, Yankees, and Astros.

In NCAA basketball news, Penn St pulled off a pretty big upset, beating the 13th ranked Ohio St at the buzzer 82-79. This game was pretty crazy, as Penn St was up 77-68 with 2:03 left and that is when Keita Bates-Diop came in and went off. He hit a three with 2:03 left, 1:15 left, and then 5 seconds. At that point the game was tied at 79-79. There was some scoring in between Keita Bates- Diop’s 3 threes. Then, Tony Carr most likely the best player on the team banked about a 43 footer to win the game at the buzzer. That was a incredible win for Penn St.

Staying in the Big Ten Purdue, the 3rd ranked team in the country beat the 25th ranked in the country Michigan at home 92-88.

Tomorrow Duke plays the 2nd ranked team in the country, Virginia. This is a 2 vs. 4 matchup and Duke is at home. I believe Virginia will win due to a thing called their defense. My prediction is they will win 63-60 in a nail-biter.

Fun Fact Friday: MLB umpires are required to wear black underwear while on the job in case they split their pants. Source for Fun Fact: CBS Boston


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