Hall of Fame Inductees are Out in the MLB as the Celtics Snap Their Losing Streak

In baseball, Chipper Jones, one of the greatest switch hitters of all-time, Vladimir Guerrero, Jim Thome, and Trevor Hoffman made it into the Hall of Fame. With them being very happy not everybody was. Names like, Edgar Martinez, Roger Clemens, Curt Schilling, and Barry Bonds missed the Hall of Fame. Going back to the names that made it like Trevor Hoffman he just missed the Hall of Fame last year by getting 74 percent of the vote. Now, he finally gets in and will go down as a incredible closer. I bring up Trevor Hoffman because were the BBWAA voters right. I mean if you look at Edgar Martinez’s stats I think it’s Hall of Fame worthy over Trevor Hoffman. I mean Trevor Hoffman did break the saves record at one point but still it’s a good topic. Personally, I’m fine with it and I do think Edgar Martinez will get in one day, being one of the best DH’s of all time.

In the NBA, the Celtics pulled off a win against the Clippers on the road, as they beat them 113-102 snapping their four game losing streak. Kyrie Irving helped that cause by scoring twenty with eight assists on top of that. Jason Tatum also helped that cause a good amount by scoring 18. This win was big as the Celtics are still in first place but kept their spot 1 1/2 games ahead of the Raptors.

Aunt Tracey you wanted to know if I thought the refs were fair to Brady? I think the AFC Championship was well officiated and there should be no complaints.

Uncle Scott wanted to know my views on officiating and going to football the catch rule should be changed to possession and two feet. The refs make the right calls on it but the rule is bad. Also, you wanted to know about North and South Korea uniting as one and I think this is good for them and there should be no conflict. Finally, you wanted to know about why the Steelers are better than the Ravens. Well, the answer there is better offense and defense, but not special teams. But yes, the Steelers are better.

Throwback Thursday: Joe Lewis KO’s John Henry Lewis in 1 for the heavyweight title in 1939.


4 thoughts on “Hall of Fame Inductees are Out in the MLB as the Celtics Snap Their Losing Streak

  1. Things i never thought i would do in life. Voluntarily read a sports blog, but i’m riveted 😉
    Great job….and, no, I’m not just saying that because I’m your mom…


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