Welcome to My Blog

Hi, my name is Brooks Markle. I am starting this blog as a hobby. I am writing about the sports world and will usually post every day. The blog will be about the NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football and other sports here and there such as the Olympics and I may do some NHL and soccer stuff such as the World Cup, EURO’s, and the Premier League or La Liga if you want. Also, you can request all the time. Please follow if you enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to My Blog

  1. Hi Markle Sparkle. My name is Gary Hahn. I am a friend of your Grandpa, Bob Bowers. I follow sports closely. I live in Southern California and root for the teams in this area. Dodgers, Angels, Rams, Lakers, Clippers, UCLA Bruins, USC Trojans, (Never, never call USC Southern Cal). Since I spent my early years in your neck of the woods. I followed the Orioles, the Fighting Phils, Colts, then in Baltimore, and the York White Roses, an Oriole farm team at the time.

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