Oklahoma Prevails as Lebron Joins the 30K Club

In NCAA Basketball last night the Oklahoma Sooners beat the Kansas Jayhawks 85-80. Trae Young, Oklahoma’s star point guard, scored 26 points with 8 assists, going 7 of 9 from the field. The question is, is it better when Trae Young shoots less. He still can put up great numbers with only taking 9 shots. But when Trae Young has 8 or more assists the team is 13-1. That one lost was to Oklahoma State in OT and he had that 8th assist in OT. So personally, I think Trae Young shoud pass the ball more. Just a tiny bit. Then again, they are ranked 12th in the nation and just beat the 5th in the nation. Now, this was big win for Oklahoma as they add to there quality win total, which will help for there NCAA tournament seeding. Also, I believe that this win is even bigger than you think because of the remaining strength of there schedule, playing teams such as 7th seed West Virginia, 14th seed Texas Tech on the road, and 5th seeded Kansas on the road. Oklahoma improves to 15-4 and moves up to 4th place in the Big 12. Kansas drops to 16-4 but remains at the top of the Big 12 with a record of 6-2.

In NBA news Lebron James breaks the 30K point threshold, being the youngest player to accomplish the feat, despite this milestone the Cavaliers couldn’t pick up the win, dropping to 3-10 since Christmas Day. Lebron is the 7th player to reach the milestone and joins elite company such as: MJ, Kareem, and Karl Malone. Going back to the Cavaliers they are in some deep Doo-doo because they have the Pacers, Pistons, and Rockets coming up on their schedule, playing the Pistons twice.

Oh, and the sexual abusing U.S. gymnastics doctor, Larry Nasser got 175 years in jail, he should have got 175 more.

3 thoughts on “Oklahoma Prevails as Lebron Joins the 30K Club

  1. This is awesome!! I can’t wait until you’re famous and I will be able to say that I knew you asa young boy.


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